'Medium' Pushes The Boundaries With Blood & Gore In Latest Episode Season 6, Episode 13 - Starpulse

Last week's episode of "Medium" had a twist that wasn't really that surprising, but it still worked out brilliantly thanks to great acting on all parts. The main guest star, Danielle Panabaker, did very well against Patricia Arquette and it's always great to see a strong vibe between Allison and her case of the week. The episode starts with Allison having a dream about a little girl being diagnosed with schizophrenia as her parents worriedly watch on. They catch her murdering a cat, which was incredibly disturbing even if you only see the feet and tail. Yuck.

Allison is called in to work because another schizophrenic woman named Keelin has broken out of the insane asylum. She killed her teacher from school who had an affair with her, and she has been catatonic for three years. Her shrink insists she did not seem violent, but she may actually be. For the past two months she stopped being catatonic but started repeating everything anyone else said. They are in a juvenile asylum so everyone is released at eighteen, and Keelin was nearly there. When she goes to Keelin's room, she meets her roommate Summer (played by Panabaker). Summer is the girl from her nightmare in the first scene, although now she seems fairly healthy and together. The shrink tells Allison she eventually murdered both of her parents in their sleep.

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