Chuck: "Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler" Review Season 3, Episode 6

Hannah began her tenure as a Buy More employee in this episode, and predictably, she got quite a bit of attention from the male staff members, particularly when they saw her in a Nerd Herd uniform.

While we're all expecting that something may happen between Chuck and Hannah, I like that this episode didn't immediately rush into that. In fact, Hannah's role wasn't pivotal, but more about her learning the ropes at Buy More, while Morgan, Jeff and Lester all were fawning over her. Morgan trying to convince Jeffster to back off was a very funny scene, as Jeff exclaimed, "It's my constitutional right to fornicate!" and only agreed to Morgan's wishes if he could sleep over at Chuck and Morgan's a couple of times a week - ah, Jeff, always delivering the creepy. And I also enjoyed Lester insisting Morgan hire a woman that could be his bride to be, "Preferably Padma Lakshmi."

As for Chuck, he had a very enjoyable story this episode, involving Manoosh (Fahim Anwar), a geeky guy who Chuck could definitely relate to. An MIT drop out who was now working for The Ring, Manoosh seemed like an alternate version of Chuck - a fact which wasn't lost on anyone, as Chuck befriended him, in order to get intel on The Ring.

I really loved the twist that Manoosh was actually far more like Chuck than anyone figured though, as it turned out he also had an Intersect - albeit a version built into sunglasses and not his head. It was a fun turn of events, as we saw that Manoosh too could turn into a karate kicking bad ass just like that - even as we realized he definitely had some morality (or lack thereof) issues, as he had no qualms building a dangerous weapon and selling it to the highest bidder, whoever they are.

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