Episode 2, "The Poison Apple Needs to Go" Recap

Previously on Survivor two tribes, Timbera and Jalapao, were tricked into voting for their weakest members to receive an advantage in the game. Timbera chose Sierra. Jalapao chose Sandy. When Jalapao lost the immunity challenge Sandy appeared a lock to go home. But Carolina made helpful suggestions about how the tribe could do better next time and she was stoned for it at the Tribal Council, giving Sandy the honor of going home second instead of first.

Back at camp Sandy admits she only made it through the first Tribal Council because Carolina crashed and burned even worse. She knows she's on borrowed time. Spencer agrees, saying Sandy's still next in line to go. I've assumed all week she was a lock - she's the weakest player on the weakest tribe, and she's abrasive. She's got all the classic early boot criteria but the editing does feel like a red herring.

Over at Jalapao cowboy Joe decides that eating vegetables is all well and good but they all need to eat termites to survive. The tribe finds some nasty looking buggers hiding under rocks. Stephen, being the one who got picked on on the playground in school, doesn't mind eating bugs but Sydney, being the model, would rather starve. Typical.

Sierra tells Brendan about the Hidden Immunity Idol because he was the only person who didn't vote for her in the premiere. They begin their trek together, wandering around in sort of an obvious search team. I thought the purpose of telling someone was so that they could cover with the group while you went off and looked. I guess Sierra just told someone because she thought she herself was too dumb to be able to follow the clues. Everyone notices that they're missing, of course. Debbie catches them digging a hole big enough to make their escape from the country and they lamely tell her that they're building a fire pit so that the group can have a big party later. She thinks that's wonderful and gets really excited. She runs and tells everyone.

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