Family Guy: "Dial Meg for Murder" Review Season 8, Episode 11

Finally, after years of blatant abuse and mistreatment from her family and pretty much everyone else around her, Meg gets her violent revenge. After taking a letter writing relationship with an inmate too far, Meg ends up going to jail for helping out her escaped boyfriend. Her time in prison changes her completely, as she returns with the most unpredictable skull cracking, teeth-shattering mean streak we've ever seen from Meg.

As we've seen with most recent outings, this episode is split into two distinct storylines: Peter joining the rodeo and Meg's boyfriend issues. Most of the times, when they do these splits featuring Peter's dumb idea of the week taking up half the runtime, you're left wondering why so much time gets wasted on useless filler content. Thankfully, that's not the case in this episode.

While Meg's prison story delivered the more satisfying dramatic punch, Peter's rodeo segments were visually hilarious. Watching him practice his rodeo skills on his kids was a blast, especially when he tried to have Meg branded. It was one of those ridiculous "I can't believe I'm watching this" moments that it seems like we haven't seen on this show for far too long. Of course, all of this was outdone at the actual rodeo, where Peter meets the "breeding bull" and we get to witness one of those disturbing but absurd scenes that you're not quite sure how to react to.

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Feb 23, 2010 9:24PM EST

this is a great post, i really enjoyed reading it. I have this episode on my website for free, my giving back to the sidereel community. :)

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