'Bachelor Pad' Recap - 'Outsiders vs. Cool Kids'

This week, in the house that promiscuity built, our fearless 'Bachelor Pad' contestants were forced to face pies, body painting and the separation of church and state -- or the separation of "cool kids" and "outsiders," because they're still under the illusion that they're competing on 'Big Brother'.

Two clear alliances have already formed; those who have pre-existing relationships on Planet 'Bachelor/ette' such as Elizabeth/Kovacs, and the "outsiders" who came in with no strings attached. Most of the episode was then devoted to the two groups giving each other the stink-eye and plotting how to get members of the opposing group out when it came down to the vote.

The rose competition this week was one of the grossest things ever committed to television -- the only way it could've been ickier was if the contestants were eating live tarantulas, but we all know that girls can't look hot when they have tarantula bits dripping down their cleavage, so we got pie instead.

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