'NCIS': Moonlighting Season 7, Episode 20 Recap

I'm not lying!

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) walked out on a polygraph test. Director Vance was present. Do you think he'll wonder why? You know he will.

A marine comes to the aid of a person yelling for help. He is shot dead for his trouble. Poor guy walked in on a mob hit. His body is found in the ocean and he isn't alone. A mob informant bound in chains was taken for a dip off a pier. Not your average day at the beach.

The FBI has files on more dead informants with ties to security company Cooper Hawks. NCIS polygraph specialist, Susan Grady had a second job there until the building blew up. The informants also had Judge Evelyn Wallace in common. The Judge believes in vigilante justice and thugs with bombs. She spectacularly fails a polygraph test in front of Gibbs and Fornell. Case closed your honor.

I had no objection to this episode. Let me put my reasons before you with the following evidence.

FBI agent Fornell (Joe Spano) again paired with Gibbs. They make quite a team. They each have their own way of doing things, inside and outside the legal line. Not saying one of them erases it he just redraws it a bit. Oh and nice beard Tobias.

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