'The Good Wife' Episode 19: The Trials of Lockhart-Gardner

In "Boom," the first new episode of The Good Wife in several weeks, a newspaper publisher may lose everything when a bomb kills one of his employees after he prints a cartoon depicting Mohammed. But he's not the only one with something precious on the line.

For the Record

Besides the publisher, several characters face the question: How far would you go to win a case? Save your business? Keep your job? Salvage your marriage? The dilemmas--moral, ethical, and romantic--push people to do things they're not proud of, all in the name of preserving what matters to them.

In Cary's case, saving his job leads to a whole chain of events. First, an ex-girlfriend tries to seduce him into joining Jonas Stern's new firm. But instead of jumping ship, he curries favor with Will by telling him about Stern's plan to hire numerous key members of the Lockhart-Gardner team.

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