Being Human: "Series 2, Episode 4" Review Season 2, Episode 4

God bless you, Being Human. As draw-droppingly leftfield as last week's clanging cliff hanger ending was, we spent the next seven days pondering the improbability of it all, not to mention swilling the vague taste of bitter cliche - what, you mean the nice lady was really a callous, werewolf-exploding psychopath all along? Oh my! We should have had a bit more faith, really - after all, it's a series that does its utmost to dance around over-familiar plot points and obvious outcomes.

And so, Professor Jaggat isn't quite the devious master manipulator and world class thespian we feared last week - okay, she's utterly misguided but also kooky, compassionate and quite clearly in way over her head with the double act of Beardy Technician and Bible-bellowing Kemp. Yes, they're looking to isolate and destroy the 'Evil' gene - and draw as many historic parallels as you wish, just for fun - but it's testament to the quality of writing on the series that intentions and motives are still thoroughly ambiguous despite all the wolf fur hitting the fan.

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