'Dating in the Dark': Finding Love in the Shadows (VIDEO)

Love is blind, or so they say. But what if this was literally the case? What if you actually couldn't see the face or the body of the person you were hanging out with? That's the interesting scenario presented by 'Dating in the Dark' (Mon., 8PM ET on ABC).

The reality show throws new couples together in complete and utter darkness. They can't see each other -- but through the magic of night-vision technology, we can watch them interacting.

Tonight, Becky and Michael are one of the random pairs who go on a very "blind" date. ( ... Get it?) The couple seems to get along just fine -- and some touching and kissing happens. But then, it's time for Becky and Michael to meet in the full light of day. Will their romantic connection work out, once it's no longer pitch black? Or will one of them be grossed out, after seeing the face of their new potential lover?

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