Happy Town Episode 1 Review

Happy Town, the new ABC horror drama premiering tonight at 10pm, desperately wants to be Twin Peaks. It wants to be an eerie, thought-provoking mystery with a town full of weird characters and strange events. Unfortunately, Twin Peaks had David Lynch, and Happy Town only has the men who brought you October Road.

The result is a painfully forced attempt at horror with stilted writing, shameful overacting and a plot more confusing than the movie Mulholland Drive. Happy Town isn't just a town you wouldn't want to live in, it's a show you shouldn't watch.

Happy Town is set in Haplin, Minnesota, a seemingly idyllic small town with local oddballs and a looming bread factory that fills every nook and cranny with a sweet smell and most of the town's jobs. The town suffered a series of unsolved abductions perpetrated by "the Magic Man," and after five years of silence, murder, mayhem, and possibly the Magic Man, return.

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