Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 258 - Review: ''Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey"

When Renji and Zabimaru arrive in the real world to capture another Sword Beast, Zabimaru's snake half enjoys his newfound freedom too much and ends up getting in the way of the battle. The Sword Beast escapes with an injury, but Snake Zabimaru runs into him again when they split up to search. Using this to his advantage, the Sword Beast convinces Snakey that being by himself is great and is thus able to get away again. This causes Snakey to rebel against his other half and Renji and then go off on his own. Although he enjoys his freedom, he also finds himself hungry, and that leads to some run-ins with Karin and Yuzu, which ultimately ends in him going home with them. They feed and entertain him, and Ichigo returns home later that night to find them all asleep. When Ichigo tries to confront Snakey, the kid runs away again and encounters the healed-up Sword Beast. Although Snakey is strong enough to fight on his own, the Sword Beast turns the tables by taking Karin hostage. Fortunately, Renji and Zabimaru's other half arrive to help and finish the battle. In the aftermath, having realized that not being alone is fine too, Snakey brings the unconscious Karin to Ichigo, and he returns to Soul Society with Renji.

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