'Hung' - 'The Middle East Is Complicated' Recap

Well, so much for 'Hung' taking the high road and not making their show about sex, and boobs and vulgarity! This week has more nudity, more f-blasts and more gratuitous shots of Lenore's nether-regions to keep even the most insatiable, gutter-mouthed pervert content. It's amazing what writers and producer types will pull out of the bag of tricks when their show is getting stale. All this episode needed was a murder to complete the final leg of the cliche relay.

Episode six ended with Lenore on Ray's doorstep. Well, she went from there to walking around nude in his half-built house talking way too nonchalantly about coffee. It was apparent from the first sight of her breast that this episode was going to take everything up a notch. Watching naked people who aren't doing naked things (sex, shower, yard work) is off-putting after a couple minutes -- I don't care how perky Lenore's breasts are. I have been calling for more Lenore, however, so I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

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