'V' Episode 9 Review: The Soldier of Destruction

Nothing much has changed on V since the last episode of this alien series: Tyler still has a strained relationship with his mother, the human assassin still won't cooperate with Erica's team and the lives of the members of the Fifth Column are still in danger. At any rate, there were a few somewhat significant developments this week though most of what happened only made me wish I was watching something else. More on the highlights of this week's episode after the jump.

Ryan and Valerie

Ryan finally reveals to Valerie that he's one of the Visitors and Valerie, understandably, isn't happy. She's raging mad and wants the baby out of her because aside from it being an alien-human hybrid, the baby is also one big lie. But there's no time for all that drama because their lives are in danger now that Anna knows about the baby and wants to capture them before killing them. Ryan and Valerie manage to get themselves out of several sticky near-death situations, thanks to Erica, Father Jack and Ryan's Fifth Column buddies, but the sad part is that Valerie won't forgive Ryan for lying to her. She's now off to some faraway place where hopefully no V soldier can track her down.

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