Family Guy Season 8 Episode 1: "Road to Multiverse" - Recap

Family Guy returns with its ninth season and kicks it off with a bang! Stewie and Brian travel to parallel universes and provide us with great laughs and some jaw-dropping clips. It's Family Guy - what did you expect? Read this week's recap!

Hello everyone! I'm Alex and I'm back for another season of recapping Family Guy! This week the tag-team duo of Brian and Stewie go on another out of this world, or rather universe, journey! With a neat little gadget made by the mad-crazy Stewie, the two are able to travel to parallel universes where things only seem to get stranger and stranger!

Before travelling, we begin in Quahog and the Quahog Clam Day. A few memorable clips from this scene include Chris winning a homosexual and the responsibilities that come with it, Stewie's steroid pig, and my favorite Adam West! It turns out he's made of helium and floats away! It's the juiced pig however that begins the universal journey! Stewie brought him over from one of these universes and it's where Brian and Stewie head to.

Now I won't go into detail on every single universe visited there was a good amount! I will mention the ones that I enjoyed the best! Feel free to comment on yours!

The first one is a futuristic universe! It resembles a Jetsons/Futurama atmosphere! The odd thing here? Meg is an attractive person! It was definitely a different look for her. The two then travel to the stone-age and we see The Flintstones and Family Guy - classy. One of my favorites came soon after. Family guy in Japan! Every single character was hilarious in this clip - especially Peter! Meg kills herself and Peter farts and laughs. Yup, sounds like Family Guy.

Another hilarious clip is in the two-headed universe. Everyone has a happy and sad head. I hope you all agree that the best clip here was Stewie kissing himself. Priceless! The next one was by far the best! The Disney Universe! This was simply amazing! Stewie and Brian looked adorable! The oddball of the family was of course Meg who was portrayed as an octopus. Stewie and Brian were convinced this was the greatest universe after everyone broke into song, but it was not meant to be. Enter Mort, the Jewish pharmacist - he is swallowed up by Meg. But why? Well as the characters later said, "It's a Disney film!" What a burn!

After a quick run into the Robot Chicken universe, the two finally land into a universe where dogs and humans have reversed statuses. Humans are dogs' pets. Stewie enjoys this and takes a #2 and gives Brian a thin napkin to clean it up with. In an attempt to zap back home, Brian wants to stay and after a scuffle with Stewie, the device is broken. Thanks to a dog-like Stewie, the gang is able to transport back home along with a human version of Brian who is later killed by a car - saw that coming!

There was so much to cover on this episode---surprisingly! What did you think about FG's season premiere! After such sub-par episodes to finish last season, Family Guy is definitely off to a great start!

What were your favorite clips? What did you think about The Cleveland Show?

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