'Mad Men' recap: Enjoy life? Season 4, Episode 6

What does rock bottom look like for Don Draper? There was a scene in Waldorf Stories when it seemed as though Don's lowest moment looked like a crumpled waitress uniform and a night of accidentally being Dick Whitman - but then he poured himself another brown drink and tried to claw his way even lower. There's something excruciating about Don's downfall, especially when contrasted with his professional success, and even more especially when we see how eager and vivacious he once was. Oh, the sweet agony of flashbacks.

We opened on a tense but sunny meeting, with Don and Peggy perched on the couch, as a young Danny showed off his book ... of terrible cure for the common [BLANK] lines and ads he had nothing to do with. (Danny here is played by Danny Strong, who will always be Doyle from Gilmore Girls to me. Perhaps he's Jonathan from Buffy to you. Either way.) Aspiration's as good as perspiration, he pleaded weakly. Don smirked; Peggy sighed. Are we on Candid Camera? Don wondered as he ushered Danny out of the office. It's worth noting here that Strong barely grazes Jon Hamm's sternum. And also that Peggy is wearing a form of plaid, as she so often does. Break out of those confining boxes, woman! Run free!

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