Entourage Season 6 Episode 11: "Scared Straight" - Recap

In this episode of Entourage Facebook causes a rift between Jamie-Lynn and Turtle, E and Drama face different medical conditions, and Ari has a surprise visitor.

Turtle runs off to spend Jamie's last day in town with her before she leaves for New Zealand. Drama and Vince walk into a club and see E making out with a girl who Drama has already been with. Not only was he with her, but she's the prime suspect in giving him a sexually transmitted disease. She's got quite the reputation, in fact, but E sleeps with her and doesn't use protection.

Ari berates another new assistant before he even gets to his desk, where is Terrance waiting for him. Terrence asks Ari to be discreet before requesting that Ari accept his offer to buy him out. Ari is suspicious as to why Terrance is offering this deal up to him first rather than to someone else. Maybe it's because Terrance knows Ari can be discreet if he can get something he really wants, or maybe Terrance has an ulterior motive.. I have to admit, the outcome surprises me a bit. Terrance asks for $100 million and gives Ari 24 hours to make a decision.

Jamie-Lynn and Turtle hang out and have their "last meal," and Jamie-Lynn brings up the subject of their relationship. He says all will be fine, and then Jamie-Lynn proceeds to find Turtle's Facebook profile, on which it says he has a new friend, the sorority girl. She gets very upset, but Turtle calls it a harmless click of the mouse. He asks her to trust him and forget about it. She asks him to delete her from his friend list, which he gladly does.

At the Melrose reading, Drama sees the director walk in and is less than thrilled. (Last time he faced this director, he had a meltdown after feeling distracted). He feels as though he's been set up. As he's about to read, Dean Cain busts in to the room and unintentionally interrupts them. This frazzles Drama once again, and he has a meltdown. He calls Vince, who is in the middle of a little something with a woman friend and has to stop because Drama is convinced he's having a heart attack.

At the agency, Scott and E discuss E's new lady. Scott's aware that her reputation precedes her, which freaks out E. While at the doctor's office testing for STDs, an uncomfortable line of questioning forces E to reveal his sexual past that includes but is not limited to threesomes, anal sex and a lack of protection.

Barb, Ari and Andrew discuss the possible upside of a deal for Terrance's business, but they all agree that $100 million is too much to spend. Ari has another new assistant call his P.I. friend Eddie Kapowski. Predictably, the new assistant makes a Saved by the Bell joke and gets fired on the spot by Ari.

Ari asks Eddie to look up dirt on Terrance, but he says he can't because it's a conflict of interest but won't tell him why. Ari then confronts Melinda about Terrance's offer. She drops the bomb that her husband has been cheating on her with a girl named Kelsey and that she had no idea he was trying to sell the business. Turns out, she was the one who hired Eddie Kapowski. She doesn't have more to reveal, but she's said enough already. "I'm late for my pole dancing class Ari," she says, and drives off.

Turtle takes Jamie-Lynn to the airport, and she tells him it's OK to see other people while she's gone. He says he doesn't want to see anyone else and things are unresolved before it's time for her to leave. She tells him she loves him and leaves.

In the hospital, Drama swears he is going to change his lifestyle, as does E. The doctor tells him he has cardiomyopathy which is a condition that mimics a heart attack (and is usually seen in women). The doctor tells him it's very common in Hollywood. Lloyd calls to tell Drama that Phil Yagoda will give him another chance, provided he passes a physical. "You're still alive Johnny Drama, both literally and figuratively," exclaims Lloyd. Drama tells Lloyd he doesn't want it anymore, due to his recent wakeup call.

Ari barges into Terrance's meeting and gives him an offer in writing. He hands over a drawing of a vagina and tells him that he's let a vagina get him into trouble once again. He tells him he knows about Kelsey, and he knows he doesn't want to sell the company in the middle of a divorce. He says everyone will lowball him once they find out he's desperate. Ari offers $65 million and Terrance says $85 million is his drop-dead number. Ari talks him into $75 million and walks out to find Adam Davies who asks him what's going on. "Wouldn't you like to know," says Ari. You always knew Ari and Lloyd would somehow be together again.

Turtle is upset about the way things left off with Jamie. Vince says they all need to go out and find some nice clean girls to hang out with. Despite his STD tests coming back negative, E reveals he wants Sloan back because he hates dating. Turtle decides to call Jamie. Vince wants to have fun before he leaves, and E says even though Sloan doesn't want him, she going to take him back. Game on.

There's a lot of drama in this episode and, once again, Vince's career is no longer the focus. The writers seem to be staying away from that path a little more this season after the boring and even depressing plotlines of the past couple seasons that strayed from the comedy of it all and focused too much on the rise and fall of Vince.

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