'True Blood' recap: You are my sunshine Season 3, Episode 11

One of the best cliff-hangers in True Blood history, I think. Am I right, fellow Blood fans? The entire episode was a doozy of twists, setting the stage for a really exciting finale. Plus, there was a ton of Pam, which is like whip cream on top of Tru Blood float. (My favorite line of hers was when she called Bill an infatuated tween.) But I really can't get into any of it without a big, giant SPOILER ALERT so for those who haven't watched yet, please avert your eyes. And for those of you who did watch ... WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ERIC?!?!?

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Aug 30, 2010 8:37PM EDT

OMG! I agree! Amazing episode, awesome cliff hanger and I am really liking Evata's (right spelling?) character. While she is a little random she is also adding a splash of humour to the show which has been lacking a bit lately.This is one of the most interesting situations I've seen these characters in yet and I think I speak for most people when I ask, WILL THEY KILL SOMEONE? I hope not.
Through I wouldn't mind if Tara or her mother dissapeared. The first seems to only be scared and cry ALL the time, and the second is just dull.
Jesus is a great add on to the show. It's nice Lafayette has someone at last (despite the creepy elements we saw emerging this episode)
5 stars, thumbs up, keep it up TB+AB. I'm so sad the season is nearly over :(

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