'Project Runway' recap: Gretchen gets a grilling Season 8, Episode 5

Every season on Project Runway, we all eagerly await the group challenge, that reliable supplier of above-average drama. Designers clash, egos are bruised, and someone gets thrown under the Greyhound. But even after the past few weeks steady unveiling of Gretchen's wench within, I wasn't expecting this season's group challenge to deliver such a knockout punch of mayhem. For the first time, I appreciated the 90-minute format because it allowed for an extended judging session that revealed, in detail, the molten hot evil bubbling inside the string bean - limbed narcissist from Oregon. And Tim's impassioned smackdown of Gretchen in full view of her colleagues at the end of the show? Brilliance. One of his best moments yet.

That last night's episode was so juicy is saying a lot indeed, considering how the story arc telegraphed the final outcome: the alpha dogs against the underdogs; Casanova's meltdown and latest threat to quit; the lack of love for Michael C. Speaking of last week's champ, which of his sadistic colleagues spiked his cocoa with crack and hoodwinked him into selecting Gretchen for his team? It couldn't have been April. 'Dumbass,' she told the cameras. 'Do you want to hire Hitler? Seriously?'

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