Dexter Season 4, Episode 1: "Living the Dream"

Last season on Dexter, our favorite serial killer was seen tying the knot with a pregnant Rita, as the two were about to embark on a new life together. This season, Dexter is living the dream as new dad, with a wife and a house in the 'burbs. But fatherhood isn't what Dexter expected it would be, as the lack of sleep really puts a damper on his vigilante-murder schedule. Meanwhile, a new/old serial killer is own the prowl: the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), so named because he kills in groups of three.

The premiere begins with Dexter driving through the night looking to "satiate his primal desire." The next scene shows a man (Lithgow) drawing a bath. The camera moves through the house, but it's not from Dexter's perspective. It's through the eyes of a woman who is entering her bathroom to find a stark naked stranger who attacks her. Next thing you know, the two are in the tub together when the assailant slits her femoral artery (on the thigh) and she bleeds out to her death.

After a "new-dad" twist on the opening credits (loved the baby puke on the shirt), we get to see just how much of a family man Dexter has become since last season's finale. He's moved into a new home in the suburbs with his new wife, Rita, and her two kids Astor (now a snippy teen) and Cody. But let us not forget that baby Harrison makes three. "Good suburban husband, happy father of three... at least on paper," says Dexter.

Meanwhile, Deb and her C.I. boyfriend from last season are still hot and heavy, considering she had to peel herself off him in order to get to work on time. She's actually happy with the relationship, which is why she's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lagureta tells Deb she's not looking for a relationship at the moment (considering Prado, her last beau, started compulsively killing people). But she's totally lying because, believe it or not, she and Batista have been secretly hooking up and playing it cool at work (she's much better at it than he is).

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