The Office Season 6, Episode 20 Episode Recap: "New Leads"

Oh, Michael, what are we ever going to do with you? Often, I find our favorite boss' antics more annoying than endearing, but after this week's episode, I can't help but to actually laugh out loud.

In a blatant tribute to the hit film Glengarry Glen Ross (oddly starring the following NBC show's star, Alec Baldwin), Michael creates a game in order to teach the sales team a lesson about spreading the wealth, and being thankful for their client references.

The episode opens with Michael showing Jim "completely real" pictures of Johnny Depp around his condominium complex, and eventually trying to avoid Sabre's results by distracting his employees. Of course, he fails at this, and the sales team is quite eager to receive the blue card containing names. Michael is upset by this, and tries to explain his philosophy by listing priorities as, "First friends, then sales, then make love." Of course, this is in no particular order.

After hours of the various sales representatives annoying Michael, the leads eventually arrive. Of course, this doesn't become an easy situation. Michael takes the opportunity to try and teach the team a lesson, and describes how a game has been set up. He will be giving the salesmen clues on cards, each containing a specific message, and by following them, the leads will be obtained.

After our favorite boss is forced by corporate to give out the leads, he hands them out to the various other employees that do not need them (HR, accounting, etc). This now becomes an opportunity for the lesser-appreciated employees to get revenge. For example, Angela makes Phyllis complete clerical work for her blue cards, and Erin making Andy play the "colder/warmer" game, which eventually leads to an awkward almost-breast-grab by Andy.

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