PSYCH "You Can't Handle This" Review Season 4, Episode 10

In "You Can't Handle This", Shawn and Gus teams up with Juliet's brother, Ewen (John Cena) to try and solve the death of a soldier that looks like a suicide.

The investigation itself is pretty blah and forgettable but it was interesting to see a new side to O'Hara in the presence of her brother. I wasn't totally sold on the brother-sister relationship as it is hard to imagine Juliet being related to someone like Cena but I went with it.

Shawn and Abigail are facing the dilemma of long distance relationship which I believe is more of a plot device to release Rachel Leigh Cook from the show so we can have Shawn in different relationships. Just a theory but I think it's close to the truth.

Was this the best Psych episode ever? No. I felt there wasn't enough of Shawn and Gus moments and also felt that there could have been a juicier investigation. Now, did I still enjoy the episode? Hell yes! I love Psych unconditionally and will forgive almost anything they do.

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