THE BIG C ''Blue-Eyed Iris'' Review Episode 5

Sex is in the air and on the brain in he Blue-Eyed Iris episode of THE BIG C. Cathy catches Adam watching porn and decides to watch it with him. She also watches it in class while the students write an essay about why teenage pregnancy is a bad idea. After getting her first bikini wax, Cathy decides she needs to show off her newly highlighted anatomy and pulls a Basic Instinct move on the high school muralist Andrea has a crush on, leading to a close encounter of the desktop kind. Paul's rugby injury catches the attention of rugby fan Tina, so Paul gets a close encounter of his own. Even Adam gets in on the action when Andrea lets him touch her breasts.

Sean and Marlene finally meet, and naturally Marlene almost shoots him. I love that everyone's reaction to Sean is Cathy's your sister? Sean needs a suit so he can look professional while he tries to save the abandoned building he calls home. It goes about as well as I would have expected, but at least we get to see Sean and Marlene dance wit h his hand on her ass, thank you very much, and we learn Marlene collects Lillian Vernon catalogs. So random.

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