Report: Katherine Heigl to Be Discharged From 'Grey's Anatomy'

Words on the block are, Katherine Heigl and her Dr. Izzie Stevens will no longer be part of "Grey's Anatomy". The actress who took a three-month maternity leave was supposed to report back to duty on March 1 but she reportedly "was not there".

On further development, it is said that Heigl would like to be off her contract so that she can concentrate on her film career. EW reported that a final exit agreement between Heigl's camp and ABC Studios is underway. Creator Shonda Rhimes allegedly has also agreed to this release. If the deal goes through then the last appearance of Heigl's Izzie has already aired.

ABC is yet to give a comment on this, so is Rhimes. The show is five episodes away from the season finale. "I know I've been AWOL for the past few weeks. I'm in the midst of writing one finale and planning the other finale," Rhimes tweeted on Monday, March 8.

Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley adopted a special needs baby girl named Nancy Leigh from Korea. She took a leave from the series to concentrate on being a mother. Also, she put the focus on starring in feature films such as "Life as We Know It" and "Killers" which are released this year.

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Mar 12, 2010 2:25PM EST

If this is true (which I hope it is) the show better off because having the thought of whether she is on the show or not in the back of my mind was causing the show to suffer. Also with the addition of Teddy, Mercy-westers who by the way are growing on me especially Avery and Dr April Kepner (who killed that guy and then was worried about being surgeon). Now that Karev is sorta free considered he's actually legally still married to Izzie maybe an annulment in the works? It leaves room for a love-pentagon (Karev-Lexie-Mark-Teddy-Hunt-Christina)!! I personally am really liking the new side of Mark and if this storyline continues it would make me very happy considering I love Mark Sloan and he deserves happiness :). However I don't know what will happen between Lexie or Alex because right now it doesn't amount too much considering for Lexie, Alex is just the rebound guy that she can rub into Mark's face. I genuinely felt sorry for her at the end of yesterday's episode (good actress!!). Considering there is about 5 episodes left, there are alot of loose ends left to tie. So it will be interesting to see! I can't believe the Season is approaching its end; I personally can see this show going on for forever like ER which is good for me!

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