Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 8: "I See You" Review

In No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh's first two murders are grisly, horrific and enjoyable only for Anton. But as the movie wears on, his murders become less explicit and more implicit until you only have to see him looking at the bottom of his shoe to know he's killed someone.

Likewise, we see our friend the Cleaner reappear in this episode for less than five seconds after the remaining cousin (OK, so they are cousins?) went into "complications" from trauma. You only needed to see that glimpse to know Gus was behind it. And then suddenly Gus is on the phone with the cartel leader. Guns go off on the other side of the phone and he gives us the slightest smile.

"I See You" was a great episode about the emotional debris left in the wake of last week's amazing melee. Hank's time in the hospital this week reminded once again that Breaking Bad is a great show not just for its action, but for what happens after the action. Hank was the centerpiece of the episode without saying a word. Dean Norris' face didn't even make an appearance. Every character reacted to what happened to him and we saw a lot of different people in different lights (Jesse, it turns out, is an a-hole).

The title is a reference to Season 2 episode "Peekaboo," in which someone else unraveled one of Walt's big lies and had the opportunity to expose him (but didn't). In that episode, Walt's old friend Gretchen discovered he had been lying to his wife that she (Gretchen) had been paying for Walt's cancer treatments. "I See You" stepped it up a bit and reversed the tables, where someone from Walt's meth cooking life discovered his family life.

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