Preview of 'Bones' 4.14: The Hero in the Hold

The next episode of "Bones" can be previewed through a sneak peek given by Fox. After a two episodes return, the show will take a two weeks break to air "The Hero in the Hold" on February 5. The episode will be particularly a race against the time type, where Booth is a victim in a kidnapping situation.

When Brennan, Hodgins and author Thomas Vega are summoned by a Federal Judge along with the United States Attorney regarding the ongoing investigation of the Grave Digger, they learn that evidence from the case has recently gone missing. With Brennan and Hodgins having been victims of the Grave Digger and Thomas Vegas currently writing a book about it, they become prime suspects in the missing evidence case.

However, when Brennan and the team receive a phone call from the Grave Digger informing them that Booth has been buried alive with only 24 hours worth of oxygen, the Grave Digger threatens to leave him to die unless Brennan brings the missing evidence.

The team immediately goes to Booth's apartment to assess the crime scene, knowing from Sweets' psychological assessment of the Grave Digger that they cannot tell the authorities about the situation or else the Grave Digger will retaliate against Booth. As Booth struggles to free himself from confinement, the team joins forces to locate him with precious time ticking away.

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Feb 2, 2009 3:18PM EST

yay! i cant wait. i loved the original grave digger episode and just hope that this one can meet its high standards. Its also good to see booth's brother again as, although i don't like the character, its good to see that they haven't just introduced him for one episode and then taken him away again. Anyway, like i said i cant wait for this episode -hope its gonna be great!

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