Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Push" Season 6, Episode 17

In this episode of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Webber both vie for a risky operation on a patient with a tumor the size of a football. Their dueling philosophies are put to the test before they eventually realize a partnership is best. Meanwhile, Bailey prepares for a romantic evening at Ben's house, Mark deals with his loneliness by asking out Teddy and Callie learns some disheartening news about Arizona.

Grey's is more consistently putting its relationships ahead of its medicine, and as such, I think this episode suffered from it. In any case, it seems the most logical way to break things down, so here goes.

Mark and Teddy

After a pep talk from Callie, Mark decides to ask out Teddy. Mark suggests a romantic dinner, which Teddy, after having been somewhat insulted by a weird breast implant exchange, refuses. Arizona tells Teddy a romp with Mark is what she needs, so she then says drinks at Joe's would work. Mark, now serious and not just looking for sex, then turns her down. Ultimately, Mark saves Teddy's patient whose heart has moved after he lost a lung. Along the way Teddy learns from his patient's girlfriend not to be such a beyotch, so she takes Mark up on his fancy Italian dinner. But he wants to take it slow: Lunch in broad daylight it is. (Boy, what a roller coaster.)

Alex and Lexie

Not much to say about them, except that they played like a mini subplot in the greater Mark-Teddy angle. Karev spends the entire episode expecting Mark to murder him with a scalpel or needle. Alas, Mark is cool. Lexie, however, is reduced to a blubbering mess when she realizes Mark is moving on with the take-it-slow approach with Teddy.

Callie and Arizona

When not trying to play matchmaker, Callie spends most of her time in the lab trying to manufacture synthetic cartilage. Arizona, meanwhile, treats a young patient who is suffering severe pain with no real cause. The parents argue intensely about who is to blame for their son's pain, but ultimately Arizona realize it is a cyst that nobody could have predicted, and something as simple as a hug caused the pain. When Callie finally gets her cartilage formula to work, she is ecstatic and reflects on how much she's matured. She mentions settling down with a family and big house, but Arizona draws a major line at kids. She doesn't, like her patient's parents, want to lose sleep at night worrying about hugging her kids too tight. The revelation clearly takes the wind out of Callie's sails.

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