One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good" Season 7, Episode 16

After a relatively light-hearted and fun tribute episode last week, Tree Hill came back to its heavier, more dramatic self. Lydia James (Haley's mom) returned with shocking and saddening news. Millicent finally faced her drug problem, and Julian and Alex began making the film that would make, or possibly end, their burgeoning careers.

I keep telling everybody I'm fine...and I'm not fine

Millicent is being a superstar assistant which causes Victoria to question her health. Millie insists that she's just trying to really prove herself to Victoria and Brooke, but she isn't following her treatment. She's supposed to attend meetings, but instead, she simply shows up to get the papers signed as proof that she was there and bails. Later on, when Millie is cranky towards Alex and complains about having to go to meetings with "losers" who have real problems, Alex reminds her that the problems those people had started out small too." But it turns out Millie knows recovery won't be easy. When she gets home to an empty apartment and sees herself in the mirror, she frantically searches her closet for cocaine and finds some but doesn't do it. Instead she goes to the meeting, stands up to the podium and says, "I keep telling everybody I'm fine, and I'm not fine."

Coming from you, that means everything

On the set of Julian's directorial debut, he struggles with getting Alex to the place she emotionally needs to be. His dad Paul is overseeing and gets frustrated with what he's afraid is a lack of talent. Julian runs the lines with Alex, and as the voice on the other side of the camera, he's able to get her to nail the scene. For once, Paul gives Julian a sign of encouragement. Brooke, who continues to see the interactions between her ex and Alex, goes to Tric to drown her sorrows to Grubbs the bartender. "I took a job to be near my's better than being away from him," she admits. He then tells Brooke about how he once wrote an entire album about a girl, every song, and now she's with someone else. So how did he get over her? Grubbs says that his ex would tell him how much she missed him, and then one day just stopped saying it. "I knew she was gone." And speaking of Grubbs, apparently he and Miranda have a bit of a thing going on, and she's also desperately trying to get him to record for her. I enjoy that they're giving him a smidgen of a storyline.

Paul's high spirits are fleeting when he learns that his son sold his car to help finance their film. He tells Julian that if Alex doesn't get better they'll have a serious problem and, of course, Alex overhears this. She later confronts her director about why he risked his savings for her, and Julian says he did it because she put everything into the script, she's good, it's good and he knows she's not going to let him down. Later on at Tric, Alex is still stressed about Julian's fortune depending on her and takes shot after shot of water (she's a recovered alcoholic and enjoys going through the motions of taking a shooter). Alexander walks up to her, asks why she's drowning her sorrows, and she immediately responds, "I don't get drunk when I'm sad, I sleep with boys." OK then. You know what happens next -- she leaves with him.

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