24 Episode Recap: "10:00 PM-11:00 PM" Season 8, Episode 7

Renee finally goes over the edge and takes her revenge on Laitanan - thankfully, Jack is there to catch her when she falls.

As the hour begins, Jack makes his way back to Laitanan's base of operations, where he once tries to convince Renee to abandon her undercover operation. And once again, she declines - anyone noticing a pattern here?

So Renee pushes ahead, urging Laitanan to start tracking down the person who is selling the nuclear rods "Jack" wants to buy. He gets the cold shoulder from Sergei Bazhaev, though, who pretends to know nothing about the materials.

Though Laitanan makes some more calls, none of his criminal associates will admit to having the nuclear rods. So Laitanan decides it's time to call it a night, take their $5 million windfall, and take Renee to bed. But Renee won't take no for an answer, pushing him to call more people and make the deal happen - then Laitanan slaps her, and all hell breaks loose.

After he delivers a punch that knocks Renee to her knees, she spots a knife lying on the floor. Spinning around, she stabs Laitanan in the eye, and by the time Jack rushes into the room, Renee is crouched over Laitanan, plunging the knife repeatedly into his chest.

And when Jack tries to intervene, Renee instinctively turns around and stabs him in the stomach (!). It's a brutal, bloody and shocking scene - and the first moment this season that 24 had my jaw on the floor like it routinely did in the old days.

Despite having just been stabbed by Renee, Jack covers for her. While patching up the wound in his stomach (seemingly a shallow one), he calls Hastings and explains that Renee killed Laitanan purely in self-defense. Hastings doesn't buy it, and he orders Laitanan's body brought back to CTU for an autopsy to determine the exact circumstances of his death.

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