'Caprica' Episode 8 Recap: The gods might die, but the dogs remain

Yesterday, Amanda Graystone smoked cigarettes. Lots of them. She got bored, so she turned on the window video. She slouched around all day. When the sun went down, she slouched around all night. Someone stopped by the house and told her some terrible news about a member of her family. She said she didn't believe the news, but it was clear she did.

This all happened on last night's episode of Caprica, the eighth episode of the season, but it also happened way back in episode 2. (The visitor was Agent Duram instead of Vergis, but they said the same thing: ''there's a murderer in your house.') Viewers, I think that we're reaching the critical mass point with Sad Amanda; it's starting to feel less like believable grieving time, and more like pathological depression. The dead-brother visions feel like a double anchor - how many dead relatives does this lady have, anyways?

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