Episode Recap: Senor Macho Solo

In This episode of 30 Rock, Liz "accidentally" started dating a little person (guest star Peter Dinklage), a health scare taught Jack a life (and love) lesson, and Jenna's biopic dream was dashed by a pretty woman. Here now, the full recap!

I see a limb, and I'm going out on it - best episode of the season.

I think what we saw this week was the perfect blend of guest stars in well-modulated roles and regular players (though Pete, Frank et al still seem to be getting sidelined; see Mega Buzz for more on that trend), all working off a script that developed characters, moved story, was teeming with heart and, yes, delivered smart laughs.

Let's start with baby-crazy Liz and how she stumbled into a date with Peter Dinklage's U.N. Commissioner in charge of "Water Temperature and Food Taint." Sure, they had precious little in common - and certainly not the important things like Sex and the City - but I wanted to see much more of them together! I loved how he pegged her straight away as an "aggressive woman with a nerdy vibe." (At least he was half right.) But at the end of the day, there on the Brooklyn Bridge, we saw that what Liz in fact truly seeks is a different kind of little fella to call her own.

Speaking of wants, Jack thought he wanted - and was prepared, McFlurry machine and all - to die alone one day. But thanks to the sage words of his mother's nurse (Salma Hayek), the inspirational "passion" of Tracy and Angie, and a health scare, he revisited his end game. Hayek's character may be one of Jack's best matches yet - in a "power to reform him" kind of way - so while I'm curious to see how it all eventually goes south, I'd rather it didn't.

Lastly, the B-stories packed plenty of amusement. Tracy's money-spending problem was funny for the sight gags alone (the jacket and hat made of currency, the heavy gold shoes), and the aforementioned workplace sexytime with his wife was simply outrageous. Jenna's determination to play Janis Joplin was riotous, especially as "Janis" clumsily made her case to Jack, then later when it became clear how little Jenna knows about the late singer. (To Liz: "Take a lesson from Janis and show some self control.")

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