'Hung' - 'Mind Bullets: Bang Bang Bang Bang ... ' Recap Season 2, Episode 3

The latest installment of 'Hung' kept up the tradition of exploring the human condition through the complications that arise when the power struggle within the world's oldest profession is turned on its ear and dropped on its head. Basically, what happens to people -- more psychologically than physically -- when they enter into the flesh trade to rebuild their house that burned down and/or give themselves a smidgen of self-worth. You know: Every kid's dream.

Ray and Jessica's kids (Darby and Damon) emerge again to shine a light onto their parents' shortcomings as people. Despite the weird "if you weren't my sister, I'd try to get to third base with you ... but what the hell, I still might" vibe that is developing between Darby and Damon, they are proving to be the conscience of the show, at least for their parents.

In the season premiere Darby knocked her mother down a peg or six when she accused her of being unable to live without a man, tapping into Jessica's own insecurities like a Vermont syrup farmer. This time around, Ray is the tree, and the syrup is his personality. On an early morning jog with their jock of a father, the kids expose him as just another in the long line of steak-head sportniks, a direct antecedent of the ones who mock them at school, incapable of change.

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