'Big Brother 12' Week 4 Predictions: Who's the Target?

Thursday means a live eviction on Big Brother 12, but thanks to the live feeds, what happens tonight is already known. However, what happens next week is the real mystery.

Will Brendon and Rachel finally be broken up? Will the Brigade be exposed? Will Kathy float into the jury? Here are my predictions:

Andrew's Eviction

Andrew is certainly going home, despite Brendon's best and dumbest efforts. Last night on the live feeds Brendon campaigned hard to get Ragan and Britney to keep Andrew despite the fact that Andrew has been telling the whole house that he's going after Brendon and Rachel now.

If you think that makes absolutely no sense, you're not alone. The move was so idiotic that Ragan could hardly contain his disgust for Brendon's shameless attempts at keeping his not-so-secret alliance with Andrew safe. It could also backfire because Brendon's campaigning has made him even more suspicious to the few people left in the house who were on his side.

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