PSYCH ''Not Even Close...Encounters'' Review Season 5, Episode 3

Gus and Shawn are on the case of an apparent UFO in this week's episode of PSYCH, called Not Even Close Encounters. The trouble is that they both secretly want it to be an actual UFO and yet they both know that they really should look for a logical explanation after a lawyer sees his assistant abducted.

Trying to keep themselves on the straight and narrow, they even promise to ear snap each other when the other goes off into a UFO daydream. It works for a while and they discover that the assistant got a big promotion when his boss was found incompetent, making them think they've got their suspect. That is until the man takes a nose-dive off a building, proof once again of a possible alien connection as suicidal tendencies is one of the symptoms of an abduction.

In the end it turns out that it was nothing more than an attempt by a big corporation to own some land that may have oil under it. They rigged a helicopter into a phony UFO and paid the assistant to mess with the lawyer's meds so that the poor guy would think he was seeing aliens.

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