Spartacus: Blood and Sand Episode 8: "Mark of Brotherhood" Review

Crixus' road to recovery is nearing its end but his abilities as a gladiator are now a concern with some questioning whether or not he will still have the crowds on his side. It's clear that Crixus is a changed man after his brush with death. His feelings for Naeva grow stronger while his disdain for the "task" he must perform for Lucretia becomes more apparent. In one scene, Crixus is unable to perform for his Domina. He's easily able to blame it on his health but it's obvious that his head is clouded with thoughts of Naeva and his near brush with death. It's great to have Crixus back on his feet as his story has been the most intriguing, even more-so than Spartacus.

With Crixus' complete recovery in question, Batiatus is faced with the possibility of having to sell the former Champion of Capua before he loses his value. Both Lucretia and Naeva are distressed by the thought of losing their lover. The love triangle that's formed has been very good so far but I'm starting to wonder how far they can really take this. Undoubtedly, Batiatus must have some idea of what is going on. He's far too cunning to have his wife's affairs going unnoticed. Then again, Lucretia knows nothing of Naeva and Crixus. When all is said and done, the fact that Naeva is not long for this world seems clear. Out of all these characters, she's the expendable slave while the rest have some value to one another. We may see Crixus' story evolve in much the same way Spartacus' has over the last few weeks with Batiatus having to do the dirty work once again.

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