NCIS ''Worst Nightmare'' Review Season 8, Episode 2

A young girl is taken from her schoolroom in this episode of NCIS, called Worst Nightmare. The girl's grandfather has experience with federal agency handlings of child abductions and, not impressed with their track record, decides to help. Soon he appears to be more of a hindrance than help as dead bodies tend to show up around him and Team Gibbs has to spend some time figuring out who he is. Turns out that he's a former black ops type agent and the kidnapper was a member of his own team, a man everyone thought was dead. He took the girl to get the rest of the team out of hiding so that he could act as some sort of vengeful weapon and atone for his and their sins. Demanding the last of the team before he'll give up the girl, Gibbs arranges for a trade that turns out to be nothing but a charade to get the man to reveal the girl's location.

Meanwhile Gibbs has, for the first time, allowed interns into his department and though there are some awkward moments at first, everyone ends up getting along with them pretty well.

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