Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - "Knights of the Round Table" Review

I don't think the name "Heroes" really fits for that tribe anymore. Maybe "The Cranky, Bitter, Inept at Puzzles, Self-Destructive Guys"? It kind of rolls of your tongue, right?

We'll get to the so-called Heroes shortly, but let me talk a bit about the Villains tribe. He definitely didn't have the magical ability from last season to seemingly conjure Idols without clues no less -- this time, but after a couple of days of looking and looking, Russell did indeed find the Immunity Idol.

The thing is, he's so convinced that simply having the Idol is the key to victory, when the history of this show proves that's just not the case. Yes, Parvati is a key ally, but what Russell needs to remember is Parv, by her own admission, isn't exactly the most popular person in her tribe either. All it would take was doing the ol' split the vote thing with the majority voting for Russell and some voting for Parvati and Russell's plans could be dashed with either he or his closest ally out, and the Idol presumably flushed out.

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