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season 4 trailer

Part 1:

Part 2:


| 21:25 EDT, 14 May, 2009
I agree with everyone above. I am currently in the third season, and it makes me even more sad now after watching this trailer. This show should have lived on. Judging from the trailer for the unreleased fourth season, Veronica still had more left in her. I liked how each season was progressive. Alot of the time shows get stuck in real time, but this show and its writers and creators clearly were not afraid to jump forward in time. It keeps things from getting stale. I will miss this show. :-(
| 06:29 EDT, 11 Apr, 2009
they should bring back veronica mars, i wouldhave watched this season
| 15:07 EST, 02 Mar, 2009
me too
| 00:47 EST, 17 Feb, 2009
Wish they'd have made this season

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