'30 Rock' recap (pt. 1): Single and fabulous Season 4, Episode 17

How do you make those tough life decisions: chicken or fish? Coke or Pepsi? High school sweetheart or hot, young news anchor? Jack compared his Nancy/Avery dilemma to being forced to choose between Lee Marvin and Derek Jeter (That's an easy one: Derek Jeter, always), as each woman represented something he wanted from life (don't get too greedy Mr. Donaghy). There were so many awkward triangles, I just need to dance it out, so why don't you get on to last night's first 10 best lines?

'As my good friend and fox hunting partner Mary J. Blige would say 'No more drama.' - Jack, who loves peanut-butter-and-Miller-High-Life - flavored taffy.

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