'America's Next Top Model' - 'Let's Dance' Recap Season 14, Episode 3

I find it amusing when two shows start bleeding into each other. This week 'America's Next Top Model' borrowed 'Project Runway's' sponsor Bluefly.com. Granted, this isn't the first time crossover has happened between the two shows. Previous contestants like Dani (Cycle 6), Bianca (Cycle 9), and Anya (Cycle 10) have modeled for contestants on their final runway shows. Because of that, I got several commercials for Bluefly.com with Anthony announcing "Period" each time.

Ren continued to self-eliminate herself throughout the episode, and yet didn't have the guts to actually quit. Tyra must be annoyed that the person that she hand picked didn't succeed.

The girls get on "Fab Bus," where cycle three contestant Tocarra Jones hosts a cheesy game show about model general knowledge. The game was obviously rigged to be biased towards the sponsor Bluefly.com, and it was also Tyra-centric. The final question's answer was, ironically, "Heidi Klum."

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