Recap - Chuck 3.09 "Chuck vs. the Beard"

Hello Chuck-sters. If you missed last week's mobsteriffic episode, "Chuck vs. the Fake Name," here's a recap.

"Chuck vs. the Beard" opens at Castle, where Sarah, Shaw and Casey are looking dour. The Ring is attempting to turn a CIA agent to the dark side, and the team can't figure out who it is. When Chuck enters, he takes a look at the collection of CIA agent photos, but can't flash on any of them. It seems Chuck hasn't flashed in over a week, and as a result, Shaw declares Chuck is unfit for spy duty until he does. Chuck protests, saying that he already gave up everything in his old life to become a spy. The Intersect is just on the fritz because he's too emotional. Between breaking up with Hannah and lying to Ellie and Morgan (and, of course, the unsaid "being in love with Sarah but she loves someone else" scenario), Chuck has too many emotions bottled up, and they are interfering with the Intersect. "I'm not a machine," he exclaims. "Well, OK, I am a machine, but I'm also a person," he admits. Sarah tries to tell Chuck that he can always talk to the team about what is bothering him, but for obvious reasons, that is not going to work for Chuck.

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