Will They Work Together in the Finale?

It's another one of those questions. Was I just distracted, or did this hour of 24 feel a little flat? Then again, the finale happens next week, and two hours of it at that, and before everything breaks down we need yet another breather. Thing is, this breather felt somewhat ill-timed... but that's not exactly the point of the whole thing, isn't it? Let the questions begin.

So, in the past hour, Jack gets Tony and narrowly averts the biological attack on a subway station in Washington, D.C, and Olivia thinks she's gotten away with having Hodges killed, but Agent Pierce thinks otherwise. Oh, and Kim's in trouble again.

So, Olivia's facing a Richard Nixon-like issue. I was literally shaking my head in surprise when Agent Pierce decided to call up Ethan, the former chief of staff, and ask about something that could incriminate Olivia in the explosion that killed Hodges. Alas, it's a thing that records all phone calls and conversations. Suddenly it turned into a little funny moment.

But Olivia's become more irrational, unlike her mother, who still managed to keep herself in check after all this. You can't keep up with this any longer, ma'am. Would she end up unwittingly taking down her mother as well? I don't have any clues, but President Taylor wasn't around in this episode. Maybe she's getting some sleep. She'll wake up to something pretty big.

And, the "other play" involves Kim. I was honestly thinking we'd see Jack's eternally-endangered daughter abducted while in transit. I was thinking, meh, that'd be pretty predictable, especially considering the fact that we've been slightly spoiled about this possibility. Thus, it was a nice touch to see that an FBI agent was turned into an instant red herring, making Kim paranoid about the guy staring at her, when it's actually Jack's way of checking on her before she leaves the city. Freaky father, you.

Which makes the actual situation similarly predictable--the persons she came to, to seek solace from that FBI agent, are the persons who are actually out to get her. Where else do you find a guy who puts an open laptop on the seat beside him?

What's more significant, perhaps, is that the "big machine" is targeting Jack for the events of (technically) the past day, when he got rid of most of the pathogen and exposed himself to it in the process. The set-up was a little confusing, really. First, they want to take Tony out because he "knows too much," and now, they want Jack to defy the fully-guarded convoy he himself asked for and break him out?

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