Gossip Girl 3.13 "The Hurt Locket" Recap

Spotted: A new episode of Gossip Girl Me? An ecstatic idiot. You? In need of a thorough recap. So call off the APB for the denizens of the Upper East Side and let's get down to it!

The Set Up

The people we have grown to love and hate are back and not a moment too soon Serena gushes over the phone to Blair about her new coupledom with Nate. Blair warns to not rush things with Nate, but both girls get preoccupied with distractions on both ends of the line. Serena spots Damien Daalgard (Kevin Zegar), the guy who Jenny has been doing drug runs for,and we find out that the two of them went to the same boarding school when Serena was M.I.A. from Constance. On the other end of the phone line, Blair comes across an old locket with Bart Bass's picture in it. This is the locket that the mysterious woman at Bart's grave left behind. Blair asks Chuck what's up with it and Chuck brushes it off, which brings Blair to her favorite subject in the world (herself) and how Chuck can help her get into the exclusive society whose name is French and was used as a scheme by Georgina earlier in the school year. After Blair leaves, Chuck gets a text about the broken locket and where to collect the intel from. Mr. Bass never fails with the intrigue, people.

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