House Season 6, Episode 4: "Instant Karma" - Recap

A wealthy businessman brings his son, who's suffering from debilitating stomach pains, to Princeton-Plainsboro, and believes the young boy is in this position as a result of karma. Meanwhile, Chase and Foreman struggle to find a way to explain a blood work discrepancy in the Dibala case, which Chase purposely botched.

The Billionaire with Bad Karma

This week's episode begins when an insanely rich businessman, Roy, calls a meeting at his lavish mansion. He presses his team to close a deal, but cuts his meeting short to see the doctor making a house call for his son Jack. The doctor cannot find a diagnosis and suggests Jack go to a hospital.

Roy meets with Cuddy as he demands to have House on his son's case, but she pushes Foreman instead (since House doesn't have his license yet). Roy says unless House is "dead, comatose or insane," he's the only doctor he wants heading up the case. Cuddy agrees and tells the team that while it will still be Foreman's patient, House will be the one making the diagnostic decisions.

Roy thinks Jack's condition is his fault. He explains he inherited an extremely lucrative pipeline business at age 24, was worth over a billion at thirty, and that everything he touches turns to gold - except his family. Roy blames karma for taking his first his wife and now going after his son.

The Great Cover-Up

Cuddy tells Foreman he needs to present Dibala's case, and you can see the fear in both his and Chase's eyes. They both try to say they were simply wrong in making a diagnosis but Cuddy says the misdiagnosis is worth a discussion. Chase and Foreman sit down to discuss how Foreman will present the case, and House walks in on the two of them. He can tell something's up.

Foreman later learns the lab ran a full blood panel on blood Chase got from the corpse that he submitted as Dibala's blood. Chase says not to worry because he made sure the other patient had the same blood type as Dibala, but Foreman says he didn't match the cholesterol levels which were off by 20 percent. Oops.

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