Chuck Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: "Chuck Versus the Subway''

It's season finale time for Chuck and this one's a doozey - Ellie finds out Chuck's a spy, Shaw's back with an Intersect in his head, and Chuck's brain continues to short-circuit. This one's a 2-hour finale with a lot of twists and turns so let's get started.

The episode opens with Chuck nervously hovering over Scott Bakula, er, I mean Papa Bartowski, as he tinkers with Chuck's new Governor. Anyway, our hero is not so silently freaking out until Papa B points out that his Governor has been working fine. Uh, Papa B? Are we sure it's been working? You still don't exactly seem stable.

Papa B tells Chuck he completely understands his anxiety. After all, "your cover's blown, your secret base discovered, your dead partner and girlfriend's ex-lover was a double agent." Papa B also says he's proud of Chuck, but that he'll need to run from this life if he wants to protect the ones he loves. Of course, Sarah immediately interrupts this line of discussion prompting Chuck to lie about the Governor and his impending insanity. Again. Oh, Chuck, you're pretty but did the intersect take up all of your brain power?

Looking mightily worried, Captain Awesome stalks into the Buy More stumbling into Morgan. Ellie hasn't come home so he's a little freaked out. Unfortunately, Morgan spills his suspicion that Ellie is cheating. He even calls him "Devon," immediately grabbing Awesome's attention. Morgan plays him the incriminating voicemail Ellie left for Justin and Awesome pulls out his phone to call his wife.

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