Chuck Season 3, Episode 19 Recap: "Chuck Versus the Ring Part II"

Encino, CA 1991: Ellie and Chuck as children fight and bang on the basement door calling Papa B out of his secret laboratory. Ellie tattles to their father that Chuck broke their mom's favorite necklace. Papa B just tells her that "there's nothing broken in this whole world that the two of you can't fix." Once Chuck's out of the room, Papa B makes Ellie promise that she'll protect Chuck no matter what.

Back to the present Ellie has lost sight of the truck.

Sarah tries to comfort Chuck and encourages him to keep fighting. But Chuck's done. He chose to work for the CIA despite what his father wanted and now his father is dead because of it.

Morgan and Awesome have found the truck. Morgan wants to go in guns blazing - metaphorical guns, I'm pretty sure - without a plan and Awesome wants to sort out their strategy before facing a group of cold-blooded killers.

Shaw opens up the truck and throws the keys at Team Intersect. He wants them to look like they were trying to escape when he shot them.

While arguing, Morgan and Awesome finally realize that they are sitting in Casey's car. The point is that this car has to have all kinds of spy equipment. Awesome both finds a stash of guns inside the glove compartment and accidentally sends a missile straight at the paddy wagon. Awesome frees the team and they make a run for the car. Shaw was thrown away from the truck in the ensuing blast, but he quickly wakes up and advances towards the group. Chuck flashes his karate moves, but his brain seems to be in more trouble than before as he immediately flashes on a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and all but collapses in pain. Sarah drags him to the car and they all screech away unscathed as Shaw desperately fires his gun.

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