One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 5: "Your Cheatin' Heart" - Recap

Trust was tested in this episode of One Tree Hill as Haley delves further into the truth about Nathan's supposed affair, David finds out his wife went home with another man and Julian begins working with Brooke's oversexed model Alex.

Haley's bitch-slap is all over the news, and although at first she laughs about it, it soon becomes a serious matter when the police show up. Haley is arrested for assault and battery and thrown injail with a bunch of other hoodlums who don't believe her husband is innocent for a second. Haley's name is called, but it's not her husband there to bail her out - it's Renee. She apologizes for taking out her anger on Haley and says she's dropping the charges, but proceeds to write her number (in lipstick I might add) on the glass wall between them. She advises Haley to check Nate's phone records, where she'll find her number.

Haley's sister, Quinn, gets cozy with Nate's agent, Clay. Her husband David - although separated from her - finds out the two went home together and is upset and angry with her. Nathan too is angry that Clay would sleep with a married woman. When Clay explains that nothing happened, Nate tells him to stay away from her.

Brooke isn't happy about Julian working with Alex on her script and rightfully so when the girl answers the door half naked. Julian tries to get her to put clothes on, but she does the opposite to prove that a scene in her script is realistic. Julian walks out and ends their business relationship. When he tells Brooke that Alex was the girl she thought she was, B says, "Does Brooke Davis have to slap a bitch?" But instead of slapping her, Brooke shows up to Alex's room to blast her for ruining a chance to have a guy finally like her for something other than her body. Alex realizes that she blew it, puts on her best "smart" outfit and asks Julian for another chance.

Mouth is blown off by Millicent and isn't even able to tell her that he's been relegated to logging tapes. To make matters worse, Brooke asks Millie to model for her as she was a hit online despite some calling her a "turd sandwich." Mouth is not so supportive ,though, as he doesn't want his girlfriend to change. Millie decides to do it anyway and tells Brooke she'll be her new muse.

After Haley is released from jail, she starts to ask Nate more questions about why Renee would be making up the story of being pregnant with his child. He gets upset that his own wife is starting to doubt him and heads to the bar because alcohol always makes things better. The next day, Nathan holds a press conference and Haley surprisingly shows up. "We face things together," she tells her husband. Despite Nate saying to the press that he has always taken pride in being an honest man, something is not right. Haley checks the phone records and sees the 704 number. When she dials it, she gets Renee's voicemail.

But the kicker was episode's final scene: We see Renee in Dan's studio. "I have a proposition for you," he tells her. Could Dan and Rachel be behind this whole scandal or is Dan trying to make the scandal go away?

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Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2009 8:00PM EDT

I really loved that they opened the episode with the song “Houses” by Great Northern…such a good song, and it has that cool propulsive beat that is perfect for starting things off. I think the musicon One Tree Hill has kind of been going downhill lately (and this show used to be my main source for new music), so I was glad to hear this great song.
FYI, you can watch the intro at :

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2009 11:16PM EDT

what is it that Quinn asked Clay to which he answered that no one would believe it? i couldnt hear what she was saying!

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