How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 24 Recap: "Doppelgangers"

So remember a couple of weeks ago, when Lily and Marshall agreed that if they ever find Barney's doppelganger, they'll start trying to have a baby? That agreement is put to the test in the Season 5 finale, when they finally do catch a glimpse of Barney's lookalike. Meanwhile, Robin is offered a great opportunity - in Chicago. Robin has always put her career first, but will her budding relationship with Don complicate things?

Future Ted reminds his kids (and the viewers) that at this point in the story, the gang had managed to spot four doppelgangers: Lesbian Robin, Mustache Marshall, Stripper Lily, and Mexican Wrestler Ted. He also reminds us about Lily and Marshall's baby pact if Barney's double was ever spotted.

A couple of weeks after making that pact, Marshall asks Lily how serious she was about it. Because...he's just seen Barney's doppelganger. Sure enough, we see a taxi driven by a dark-haired Barney. Lily wonders if it's really Barney pulling a prank. Marshall calls Barney at work to verify that it's not him. Barney answers, confirms that he's at work, and signs off with a "Gotta go, Big Chief." Convinced, Lily tells Marshall to "put a baby in [her] belly."

Later, at MacLaren's, Lily and Marshall share a champagne toast. Marshall is giddy with excitement about telling the rest of the gang about the baby pact. Lily doesn't think they should share this information, because it's like inviting everyone else into the most intimate moment of their lives. Marshall sees her point and agrees.

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