Top Moments: Housewives, The Hills and Deadliest Catch Get Real

What is reality? This is a question best posed by philosophers and the stoner kids at your high school. But also by producers of reality shows, who love to toy with our expectations. This week, we look at a few scripted shows that filled us with real emotions. And, more amazingly, reality shows that did the same. (Not that all these emotions were good: Looking at you, Real Housewives of New Jersey.) Welcome to Top Moments, Reeling in Reality Edition.

13. Worst Decision: On Entourage, an obviously concussed Vince unilaterally decides to cut off his signature curly locks. (You can imagine Keri Russell sitting at home and saying with a sigh: "They never learn.") We hope he's not going to have to do any re-shoots for that Cassavetes movie.

12. Most Chilling Image: After answering 35 calls in one day, the boys of Rescue Me's 62 Truck return to the firehouse to chow down on some pizza and give Tommy his welcome-back gift. But the fun is cut short when Lou, who's spent much of the hour not feeling well, collapses in the garage. The episode ends with a haunting close-up of one of his glassy eyes.

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