NeNe Vs. Dwight on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Premiere

They're back, they're back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta have returned for season 3 with two new Housewives and plenty of drama. Atlanta has good news for us and for the acting world: Sheree wants to pursue an acting career. YES! Her acting coach, who borrowed her wardrobe from the set of Lizzy McGuire, takes herself very seriously. Especially for a woman teaching an acting class in Sheree's house. Even more delightfully, NeNe brings over an issue of Us Weekly divulging that Kim is now bisexual. Crazily, NeNe is willing to pursue a friendship with Kim again.

Kim stops by NeNe's house, having forgiven her. Kim looks like she's worried NeNe might murder her. So, obviously now that Kim is into a woman named Tracy, she's not with Big Poppa anymore, nor is she still "chasing dick." She's still wearing that ring, though! NeNe has since become the breadwinner of the household, as the economy hit Greg's real estate job pretty hard. Supposedly, Greg called Dwight to borrow $10,000 and NeNe didn't know about it. NeNe tells Kim, "you know Dwight has a fake nose." Interesting, because you look ... different, NeNe. But Kim and NeNe are friends now. I hope it lasts.

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