'Saturday Night Live' - 'Jennifer Lopez' Recap

Someone at NBC or 'Saturday Night Live' sensed that you haven't thought about the music of Jennifer Lopez (no one calls her J. Lo anymore, right?) in about ten years, and in an effort to get "Waiting for Tonight" stuck in your head again, they brought her back. It was supposed to be some sort of double-whammy, a way for Lopez to promote her upcoming film, 'The Back-up Plan,' and her new album at the same time.

But then her label dropped her about a week ago and all ten people that were paying attention simultaneously tugged at their collars and went, "Ooh, awkward." These same people sat through her musical performances during this episode and, mid-cringe, mumbled, "Well, y'know. Bless her heart for trying."

All in all, this was a pretty mediocre episode. There were a few laugh-out-loud lines but none of the sketches were particularly stunning. In fact, a lot of the sketches started off pretty well but then stretched on too long or were killed by a terrible ending. None of the best moments came from Lopez's performance but she still did better than the likes of, say, Robert De Niro. And that is the only context in which that sentence would make sense.

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